About Us

Our Story

Since 1998, eSage Group has been focused on leveraging the right software, smart technologists and a clear focus on business goals to rapidly create analytics solutions that truly perform, meet clear ROI objectives and provide our customers with a competitive advantage. Only through a deep understanding of your business and the analytics marketplace can we truly help you navigate the myriad of technology options out there to reach your sales and marketing potential.


Our Community

eSage Group believes that investing in the marketing analytics community benefits all. By hosting numerous analytics related educational events each month we are able to help educate others on the potential of current technology and share best practices to greatly improve marketing insights and overall marketing performance.

We engage with companies like Universal Music Group, Nestle, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, Convertro and Tableau to speak at our events and educate the analytics community. Look for the various events eSage Group hosts each month for the Puget Sound AMA, AMA Los Angeles, Seattle Marketing Analytics Group and LA Marketing Analytics Group. Have ideas for great speakers with something of interest to share, please email us.

Our Team 

What about the people that work here? We love technology and helping companies leverage information to improve performance. But we live in the Northwest or California because we truly enjoy what these areas have to offer and we like to get out and make the most of the opportunities available when not creating great analytics solutions for our customers.

We encourage our team to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors whenever they can. If you are out camping, hiking, snow skiing, backpacking, trail running, bike riding, boating, or just enthusiastically supporting your kids at a basketball or soccer game, you are very likely to run across someone from our team doing the same.