eSage Group Services will help you realize the predictive potential of your disparate customer data sets to greatly improve marketing and sales ROI. Whether you are working with packaged sales and marketing analytics products and need assistance with data and system integration, or you require a custom analytics solution, eSage Group brings best practices to meet your needs.

We work with clients to achieve a strategic vision for data management through client partnership, complex system design, excellent implementation, data engineering, data science and visualization skills. Our goal is to augment your internal teams and help you rapidly optimize customer acquisition, marketing performance, retention and engagement.

eSage Group combines local and near shore resources for cost effective engagements, all within your time zone.

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Integrate Your Data


Insights & Predictions


Increased ROI


Integrate Your Data

There are numerous customer data sources that need to be transformed and integrated to create an effective Customer Data Platform (CDP) and marketing analytics solution. Companies need the best technical implementation teams to design and obtain the highest value from these modern data aggregation platforms.

Whether you are using Salesforce, Snowflake, Adobe, AWS, Azure, a custom solution, or any other tool to aggregate your customer and marketing data, eSage has the technical expertise to help you design, integrate and amplify the value of these tools.

  • Design and implement a highly effective data integration and Customer CDP solution with eSage Group’s Platform Certified Solution Architects, Data Engineers and Implementation Specialists.
  • Track Omni-Channel Engagement, Attribution and Sales across Channels with 360 Views.
  • Leverage eSage’s Expertise to Help Identify the Right Tools and Implementation approach for Your Business.

Insights & Predictions

Seasoned marketing analytics professionals and data scientists at eSage Group will help you optimize your marketing campaigns, identify insights to better connect to your audiences and create predictive models that will positively impact your bottom line.

  • Achieve Robust Predictive Analytics through Connected Data & Machine Learning Expertise
  • On-Board Best Practices in Campaign Optimization
  • Leverage eSage Group’s Domain Experience for a Strategic Partnership & High Value Insights

Increased ROI

Technical expertise and a team with a high level of analytics chops will lead to improved customer acquisition, engagement and retention. This results in enhanced overall customer lifetime value (CLTV).

  • Efficiently Target, Engage & Influence Prospects across Channels
  • Optimize Marketing Performance through Feedback Loops to Increase Revenue
  • Predict Likelihood to Churn and Target At-Risk Customers to Increase Lifetime Value

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