Delivering Centralized Ad Spending Management with Marketing Cloud Intelligence powered by Datorama

Business Objective

 A major entertainment company needed to optimize ad spend but struggled with data unification and scalability due to a vast number of high volume, disparate reporting sources, plus continuous onboarding of new ones.  The client needed a new approach that would unify this data for advanced analytics, while providing scalability and robust reporting and insights for a large, distributed marketing analytics team. Some of the company’s challenges included complex business logic that was distributed across multiple systems, and a lack of standards that led to inconsistent capturing of historical data.


As one of  the first implementation partners for Marketing Cloud Intelligence powered by Datorama, and with in-depth experience in the marketing analytics and entertainment domain, eSage Group was invited to partner with this client to onboard the Marketing Cloud Intelligence powered by Datorama platform.

The Marketing Cloud Intelligence solution included bringing data into the platform from various reporting sources across multiple channels. Key data sources included Apps Flyer, Apple Search Ads, Google Campaign Manager, Facebook Ads and SA 360.

eSage Group conducted discovery sessions to understand the metrics critical to the client’s business in tracking media performance. Custom metrics were implemented, including engagement and conversion metrics related to an on-demand news app. For example, eSage Group implemented ‘7 Day Activations’ to track engagements after a new app install. Overall conversion metrics such as Impression Conversion Rate and Click Conversion Rate measured the client’s ad performance with the goal of a direct to pay signup.

In addition to handling the base Marketing Cloud Intelligence solution, the team at eSage Group initiated several efforts to ensure robust platform performance, including:

  • Creating custom python code to define custom metrics, tailoring the solution to be specific to the clients’ unique reporting needs.
  • Writing custom code to enable Marketing Cloud Intelligence powered by Datorama to accommodate additional 3rd party restrictions on data volumes.
  • Proactively building error management processes to ensure the ongoing quality of new data sources.

The team also analyzed raw data to identify relationships to optimize the data model and tailor the solution to the specific needs of the marketing team.

eSage Group enhanced automated reports, crafting Javascript code and regular expressions to create custom filters for sub-brands.

Historical data cleansing was also completed to unify historical data with the new business environment, enabling comprehensive historical insight.


  • eSage Group quickly onboarded the base solution, providing a unified view of the company’s media performance. This helped the marketing team surface insights and access unified datasets to optimize advertising performance. 
  • The solution allowed automation of key delivery metrics for seamless analysis and insight into media performance, with high quality data and visualizations that enabled agile decision making on marketing spend. 
  • Our team’s efforts led to visibility into ROI and spend across digital channels in a single, unified platform. 
  • The client was set up for ease of onboarding new data sources, through consistent business logic. 
  • Error management through custom exception reports supported ongoing data quality. 


  • Consolidated platform for digital marketing reporting and analysis 
  • Digital marketing dashboards 
  • Robust error management 
  • High Quality Data Model 
  • Custom code modules to extend the solution including Python modules for Apps Flyer metrics, Javascript for custom reports and regular expressions for custom filtering.