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eSage Group provides best practice offerings in Data Strategy, Data Engineering, Visualization and Data Science to augment internal teams and help you move quickly toward an optimal marketing analytics platform with effective customer acquisition, retention and engagement.


With certified specialists across a range of technologies, including Salesforce, Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, plus 20 years of experience extracting value from customer data, eSage Group will help you efficiently integrate any data source and amplify the value of data across your organization. Our seasoned analysts and data scientists can also leverage machine learning best practices to help you achieve real-time, predictive analytics.

Our ultimate goal is to help your team build and maintain a leading edge Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Advanced Analytics Platform to improve your Marketing and Sales ROI.

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Strategy & Roadmap



Architecture & Integration



Data Science & Visualization


& Roadmap

Do you know where you want to take your marketing and sales analytics capabilities, but don’t know the best route to get there? We help bridge that gap. From strategic planning and roadmap development to unbiased product evaluations, we formulate a strategy that will have you on the express route to data-driven decisions and increased ROI.

  • Define your objectives
  • Expand your vision
  • Evaluate

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& Integration

Our architectural design and integration process is focused on bringing rapid marketing analytics capabilities to our clients in the most efficient manner possible. We work with your team to architect solutions that allow you to extract the highest value possible from your marketing data. We can help you design a new unified customer analytics platform and big data infrastructure on or off-premises, or to onboard enterprise marketing platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Datorama. Read more about our Salesforce solutions here.

  • Architect
  • Integrate & Transform
  • Build
  • Maintain

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Data Science
& Visualization

Marketing, Digital Advertising, Sales, Social, Web Analytics, CRM, ERP, Location data, etc. Tracking the customer journey and optimizing marketing spend is more important than ever. eSage helps you extract actionable insights and predictions from cross-channel data to amplify your Marketing ROI. We work with clients at varying levels of analytics maturity. While some clients are focused on establishing cross-channel reporting and visualizations for insights and informed decision making, others are ready to operationalize real-time predictive models. eSage leverages best practices in data science, predictive analytics and visualization techniques to help clients succeed in meeting their goals.

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Strategy & Roadmap

Define Objectives

Dive right in. We help you develop an actionable analytics strategy to meet your marketing sales goals. Tell us the main roadblocks you face and we’ll help you overcome those obstacles. We look across the organization to determine how its structure, systems, data and tools can best be leveraged to allow accurate monitoring and substantial improvements in marketing and sales performance.

Expand Your Vision

Possibilities, revealed. Leveraging our deep expertise in technology, business and balancing economic feasibility, we uncover solutions and expose opportunities specific to your goals. As a rapid systems integrator and analytics consultancy, we help you see the possibilities of improved infrastructure, integrated systems, data and marketing analytics tools. We map your goals to the appropriate data, tools and KPIs to track performance. Using rapid prototyping we show you a tangible example of the solution, then iterate until you are 100% satisfied with the result.


Choose the right tools. With an immense number of analytics tools on the market, we help you evaluate your options to select solutions that best meet your needs and budget. If the perfect solution for you isn’t out there, we can develop custom analytics solutions to meet your precise needs with unique business logic and functionality.

Architecture & Integration


Our architectural design process is focused on bringing rapid and insightful marketing and sales analytics capabilities to our clients in the most efficient manner possible. We work with your team to architect solutions that allow you to extract the highest value possible from your marketing investments. We can help you design a big data reporting infrastructure, a new unified customer datamart, an integrated enterprise marketing platform, or custom analytics tools.

Integrate & Transform

The modern enterprise analytics platform consists of various tools from different vendors and disparate online/offline data from numerous sales and marketing sources. We can integrate these tools and transform the associated data feeds into a consolidated platform or data lake so you can accurately track cross-channel performance.


Looking for a custom analytics solution with unique business logic and features to meet specific needs? We can help. With years of experience building and maintaining complex software applications for enterprise clients, eSage Group has the heavy-lifting technical chops to create large sales and marketing data lakes using cloud-based solutions such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, AWS Data Lakes, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery and other open-source big data technologies. Often times, placing all your data in a single data store will limit its usefulness and can lead to expensive bills over time. Our team has the experience to help you decide what data needs to live in a responsive, analytical datastore for immediate insights and reporting, and what data can live in more cost-effective storage while still keeping it available for other projects.


Today’s enterprise sales and marketing platforms contain complex data feeds from various internal and external marketing and outreach sources. We can help you manage the complexity of this data processing challenge. Our team understands complex marketing data and has expertise in accessing, processing, merging and managing this information to provide the ongoing marketing insight you need to run your business on a daily basis.

Data Science & Visualization

Marketing Analytics Tool Box

We leverage best practices across the marketing analytics toolbox, including MultiTouch Attribution, Media Mix Modeling, Churn, LTV, Cohort Analysis, etc., to drive conversions, optimize marketing spend and improve ROI.

Predictive Modeling

Whether you want to predict your customer’s next move or recommend products they are most likely to purchase, we use best in class machine learning techniques and advanced statistics to provide robust predictions for your business. We’ll help ensure that these predictions are leveraged to increase conversions and raise customer LTV. Whether you prefer Python or R, we’ll recommend the best technology for the problem and always work within your organization’s constraints.

Customer Segmentation

We leverage your behavioral data to differentiate core groups, optimize marketing ROI and identify high value cohorts. Our seasoned data scientists will find the features and algorithms that best separate clusters in meaningful ways to bring your audiences to life for business executives, while enhancing targeted marketing efforts.


Data visualization is critical for uncovering insights, aligning teams across a company and inspiring adoption of new data products by executive teams. From Tableau and PowerBI to Looker and D3, eSage can build impactful visualizations for your organization that drive the business forward.

Data Science Operationalization

As data science becomes a more established capability in an organization, new processes need to be embedded in order to refine the workflow and put tools in place for ongoing model optimization. eSage can work with your team to ensure that data science flows seamlessly from model development to real world rollout and ongoing optimization.

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