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Salesforce Integration Services

eSage Group helps clients Integrate their Customer 360 data and optimize Sales and Marketing effectiveness with Salesforce. Companies large and small have turned to Salesforce’s rich marketing ecosystem to improve sales engagement, marketing ROI and create a 360 degree view of the customer to offer personalized engagement across channels. Companies who leverage these Salesforce products often find it practical to partner with System Integrators like eSage Group to ensure smooth data integration and application setup/configurations in order to get the most out of their investments within rapid timeframes.

Discover why eSage Group has a
4.9 out of 5.0
Average Customer Satisfaction Rating
among Salesforce Clients

“The eSage team went above and beyond to help us find a solution to our pretty complex problem, and get our data flowing from marketing cloud into Datorama. They were very patient as we hit snags along the way, and were efficient in keeping the project moving.”
Wholesale Retail Client

“Working with eSage was nothing short from Great. They are valuable partners who go above and beyond getting projects on time and on budget.” 
Media & Entertainment Client

“The team is highly knowledgeable and very supportive. They educate you on best practices and also provide you with useful advice to help you to get the most out of Datorama. Further, in midst of challenges they lend you a helping hand.”
Communications Industry Client

eSage Group’s Solution

eSage Group has extensive integration experience with complex Salesforce tools like Datorama. We are one of the oldest Datorama System Integration partners at Salesforce with numerous complex integrations under our belt for medium and large companies including Fox Broadcasting. If you need assistance with a straight forward, or a very complex Datorama product implementation, contact eSage Group. We can help, no matter how many data sources are involved, or how challenging the integration.

In addition to having numerous Datorama certified consultants, eSage Group has certified consultants in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite and we can assist with any of your needs there as well.

eSage Group can tie all your customer data together, no matter where it comes from, allowing you to understand all your customer touch points across multiple channels, while optimizing the customer experience and your sales and marketing efforts.

Once your Salesforce platform is live, eSage Group offers ongoing managed services to maintain your data feeds and analytics platform in peak shape.

Areas Where eSage Group Can Help

  • Data sourcing, deduplication, cleansing and integration
  • Customer Data Platform development
  • Datorama Integration and Product Set Up/Configuration
  • Marketing Cloud Suite Integration and Product Set Up/Configuration
  • Custom add-on solutions
  • Ongoing Managed Services to maintain your Analytics Platform in top form
  • Data Science Analysis Services

If you would like help implementing a modern and efficient data driven performance management infrastructure within your organization, or would like to hear more about the similar work we have done for other leading enterprise organizations like Microsoft, Sony, Disney and Fox Broadcasting;  please contact us via email at

Additional comments from our clients can be found by clicking the reviews tab on eSage Group’s Consultant Profile on the Salesforce AppExchange.