Marketing Analytics Salesforce Partner

Helping Enterprise Clients Integrate Powerful Salesforce Solutions into their MarTech Stack

As an established Salesforce Marketing and Data Cloud Partner, eSage Group has earned a CSAT score of 5 out of 5.

As a Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud certified partner, we specialize in implementing solutions with actionable insights. Our custom enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Science skills combined with our deep Salesforce integration skills allow us to solve any marketing analytics challenge. We have a reputation of helping our clients get the most out of their data investments and offer continued support through Managed Services.

Salesforce Customer Success Stories

Here are just two examples of Customer Success Stories that highlight the value we provide to our Salesforce clients:

Optimizing the Global Advertising Planning Process with Marketing Cloud Intelligence Powered by Datorama

Delivering Centralized Ad Spending Management with Marketing Cloud Intelligence Powered by Datorama

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Our Salesforce Expertise and Certifications

Our Expertise: Marketing Cloud - Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama), Marketing Cloud Personalization (Interaction Studio), Marketing Cloud CDP, Marketing Cloud Engagement (Journeys, Email)


What We Do

We pride ourselves on delivering Business Value with each project, and empowering our clients with knowledge transfer, templates and best practices for long term success.

We also:

  • Help our clients seamlessly integrate Salesforce into your existing Marketing Tech Stack.
  • Have extensive expertise with Complex Salesforce Integrations using Snowflake, Python, Redshift, Azure, AWS, Google Big Query and more.
  • Offer Managed Services Support to help our clients maintain and enhance their solutions to get the most value out of their Salesforce Investment.
  • Specialize in Data Clean-up; we are experts at preparing data for Insightful Analytics.
  • Broad set of custom BI skills to handle any Marketing Analytics challenge.


Click each tab below to learn more:

+ Analytics Platform Design
+ Data Architecture
+ Data Engineering
+ Complex Data Source Integrations
+ Data Visualization/Data Science

+ Marketing Performance Optimization
+ Personalization
+ Ad Performance Tracking
+ Omni-Channel Orchestration

+ 360 Degree Customer Views
+ In-Depth Research & Analytics
+ Sales and Marketing ROI Analysis
+ Sales and Marketing Monitoring & Performance Improvement
+ Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Analysis
+ Data Segmentation/Clustering
+ Multi Touch Attribution Analysis
+ Personalization & Dynamic Content

+ Data Feed Production Support
+ Complex Multi-Touch Journey Creation
+ Repair and Optimize Data Systems & Lists
+ Sales/Marketing Analytics Platform
+ On-going Data Quality Assurance
+ New Data Source Integration

Discover why eSage Group has a
5.0 out of 5.0
Average Customer Satisfaction Rating
among Salesforce Clients

“The eSage team went above and beyond to help us find a solution to our pretty complex problem, and get our data flowing from marketing cloud into Datorama. They were very patient as we hit snags along the way, and were efficient in keeping the project moving.”
Wholesale Retail Client

“Working with eSage was nothing short from Great. They are valuable partners who go above and beyond getting projects on time and on budget.” 
Media & Entertainment Client

“The team is highly knowledgeable and very supportive. They educate you on best practices and also provide you with useful advice to help you to get the most out of Datorama. Further, in midst of challenges they lend you a helping hand.”
Communications Industry Client

Additional comments from our clients can be found by clicking the reviews tab on eSage Group’s Consultant Profile on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

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