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eSage Group’s services helps you quickly and effectively connect your marketing data from social media, websites, digital advertising, customer relationship management and other enterprise systems, allowing you to move from isolated data to fully integrated, cross-channel predictive analytics. This allows you the ability to uncover hidden insights that give you a more complete view of your customers, leading to more effective marketing campaigns and continual improvement throughout the life of the campaign.

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We Know Business

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We Know

It doesn’t do you any good to bring in a bunch of technologists that don’t understand the needs of the business, or how to work with your internal Marketing and IT groups to make a complex project successful. Our team is squarely focused on building a solution that meets your business needs. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the technologists on the IT team and the marketers on the business side to obtain results that greatly improve marketing performance and grow revenue.

We Know

Our team has extensive experience with the development of enterprise solutions for mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies, like Microsoft and Disney. We have experience working with both large and small sales transaction systems as well as complex web analytics systems, social media tools and ad management systems.

We Build

Our team uses our deep understanding of marketing and enterprise technology systems to help you plan and execute a realistic strategy. We take you from your current state to a fully integrated solution by taking reasonable, incremental steps that are within your budgetary constraints and leverage existing investments. We can transition you from scattered and disconnected information to a marketing platform that includes cross-channel performance monitoring, deeper customer insights, continuous feedback loops for campaign adjustments and ultimately predictive analytics.