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Building a Better Data Driven Organization

Marketing organizations today know they need to implement data driven decision-making processes to drive greater ROI in their sales and marketing investments, improve customer engagement and optimize overall growth and profitability. But how do organizations rapidly get an infrastructure up and running if they don’t currently have the required Business Intelligence Engineers and Technical Analysts available to design, build and maintain the appropriate data flow processes, performance management infrastructure and analytics platforms? 



eSage Group’s Solution

eSage Group has years of experience helping enterprise organizations define the appropriate KPI’s and dashboards to track the performance of their business; designing and building robust and modern enterprise data driven infrastructures; as well as providing the ongoing support necessary to keep these systems up to date, running smoothly and providing the high ROI demanded by the business.

eSage Group has BI Engineers and Technical Analysts with the required expertise in the latest data platforms and visualization tools.  We can supplement existing internal teams in areas where you need specific assistance, or we can help you get a new data driven infrastructure and KPI reporting environment up and running from scratch.  We provide the infrastructure help needed, so you can stay focused on running your business, optimizing your sales, marketing and operational initiatives and increasing revenue.

Areas Where eSage Can Help

  • Coordinate across stakeholders and organizational business units to gather performance tracking requirements.
  • Design Performance Management Dashboards and Visualization concepts.
  • Perform data source audits, map KPI’s to source data and identify data gaps.
  • Design, build and automate data consumption/ETL’s from multiple sources of varying data types, including: Relational (SQL Server, Oracle), Unstructured and Flat Files (CSV, Excel).
  • Gather, cleanse, validate and process complex data from sales, marketing, social, financial and operational systems.
  • Design, develop and configure Enterprise Data Warehouses (Traditional or Big Data), Analytics Platforms and associated KPI Dashboards (Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, etc).
  • Offer continual evaluation of performance analytics needs and integrate incremental infrastructure/visualization enhancements as required to keep pace with ever evolving business and infrastructure priorities.
  • Provide deep dive analysis, ad-hoc reporting, data governance and supplemental data source evaluations.

If you would like help implementing a modern and efficient data driven performance management infrastructure within your organization, or would like to hear more about the similar work we have done for other leading enterprise organizations like Microsoft, Disney and Sony Pictures;  please contact us via email at