Cross-Channel Social Engagement & Monetization Solution

Business Objective
A large entertainment company based in Burbank, CA wanted to understand the impact of their multi-million dollar social media marketing efforts to drive engagement, video views and associated ad revenue within their affiliated web properties. Their social sites were spread across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.

Previously there was no way to easily understand specific social audience reach, behavior and demographics across the 100’s of company owned social pages and platforms, then track the attribution of this cross-channel marketing engagement against advertising revenue generated by viewers watching videos on its numerous associated web properties.

eSage Group tapped into the rich backend Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + usage data via API’s, then combined this social performance information with detailed website analytics usage data from Omniture and Ad Revenue data from DoubleClick to determine the revenue attributed to users that were originally engaged via the branded social pages. This cross-channel attribution data was stored in a datamart and presented in an easy to use web based performance analysis report.

Additionally, eSage Group created an Executive Dashboard that rolled up the social engagement metrics from the 100’s of social pages into a single, easy to consume report. Performance metrics could be reviewed in aggregate, for a single business unit or down to a single social page.

As a result of the cross-channel marketing analytics data integration and reporting infrastructure put in place by the eSage Group, our client was able to easily track and measure the monetary contribution of their Facebook engaged users, resulting in the attribution of several hundred thousand dollars of revenue per month. The new tool allowed the client’s marketing team to tune their Facebook engagement marketing tactics to further improve effectiveness in driving cross-channel engagement, video views and ultimately increased advertising revenue.

The Executive Dashboard eliminated 50+ hours of manual labor each month that was previously required to collect and present the social engagement performance across the 100’s of social sites being tracked by the company. The new system utilized automated data feeds that pulled all social engagement metrics into a consolidated datamart for reporting and analytics. All social engagement information is now easily accessible via a single web based reporting system that allows marketers and executives to easily understand what social engagement marketing campaign are providing value, or need to be revised.

The company is now able to determine the specific amount of revenue being generated via social engagement channels and understand the attribution and performance of this marketing investment. A marketing feedback loop now allows near real time analysis on the performance of specific marketing campaigns to drive increased revenue.

  • Integrated cross-channel Social, Omniture Web Analytics and DoubleClick advertising revenue data all stored within a SQL analytics datamart created by eSage Group
  • Easy to use web based reporting tool that automatically pulls data from various data sources and allows reporting of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + engagement and associated advertising attribution revenue performance
  • A single Executive Dashboard for reporting and analysis of social engagement performance across 100’s of social sites by aggregate, business unit or individual site level
  • Ongoing production support of the automated data feeds, security and reporting tool