Enterprise Data Infrastructure & Digital Advertising Analytics for Media Conglomerate

Business Objective

A large interactive media and entertainment company located in Burbank, CA had developed an in house digital advertising system to manage and report on all digital ads placed on their extensive family of web and social properties. There was a very complex database, set of business logic and an associated application behind this system that managed and tracked all advertising contracts, ad placements, sales, revenue, etc.

The client wanted eSage Group to bring our extensive business domain knowledge and system analysis/design skills to perform a detailed deep-dive review of the current in-house system. The goal was to move up to an extensible, enterprise caliber customer data infrastructure integrated with the FreeWheel Advertising Management Platform.

The existing data set and business logic was largely undocumented and there were limited resources available to provide insight into the data, requiring the eSage Team to do detailed discovery and technical analysis.


eSage Group met with various members of the technical and advertising teams to understand how the system was being used to manage and track digital ad sales, customer contracts, ad revenue and delivery of ad impressions to the various company owned websites to meet contractual requirements.

The system review included detailed analysis of various business use cases, requirements, existing advertising system, associated data model/feeds, business logic and reporting.

eSage Group then got to work on the design and development of the replacement system that included the FreeWheel Advertising Management solution and an associated enterprise data platform to store and manage all the underlying data.


The eSage Group Team documented the state of the current data quality, database design, import routines and business logic, then provided the advertising team with a comprehensive list of system design recommendations to meet the technical and functional shortcomings.

eSage Group then assisted with the design and development of an enterprise platform and FreeWheel system migration. eSage Group leveraged our deep knowledge of the advertising system and extensive enterprise infrastructure design and implementation skills to perform this task. This effort included design and development of included ETL’s, an OLAP data cube to store the associated data and utilization of the Hadoop Map reduce framework to managing the large distributed data sets. Data from various websites, digital advertising sources, sales and financial systems were integrated and stored within the data repository.

With eSage Group’s help, the Ads Migration hit a very aggressive schedule and allowed the business units to move off the older and inefficient in-house ads system onto the new FreeWheel based advertising management platform with a new, extensible enterprise data repository.

  • Technical Analysis and Architecture
  • Database Design, ETL routines & OLAP Analytics Cube
  • Design and Development of New Enterprise Data Platform
  • Data migration to FreeWheel Ad Management Platform