Website/Video Player
Pathing Analysis Tool

Business Objective
A large entertainment company based in Burbank, CA wanted to determine the effectiveness of the 100’s of various features used within its TV show pages to engage with users, drive video views and associated advertising revenue. The organization has various teams spending time and resources maintaining Blogs, Cast Profiles, Photos, Trivia, etc within the various show web pages, but they did not really have good insight into which features were best engaging with their viewers, driving interest in their TV shows and ultimately resulting in increased viewing of TV video clips across their suite of websites. Our client wanted to understand what the most popular features were and gain insight into the most prevalent customer journeys preferred by viewers as they engaged with the various company websites and viewed videos.
The eSage Group first worked to source and consolidate the web site analytics, video player and advertising system data into a local Analytics Datamart. The eSage Group then worked with the client’s analytics and marketing teams to come up with the appropriate business logic to allow deep dive analysis of user engagement and optimal user pathing that leads to the highest quantity of video views. eSage Group accessed and consolidated the required data from the Omniture Web Analytics tool, video players and advertising systems, applied the appropriate business logic to the usage data, then created a web based tool that allowed marketers to easily determine the most popular paths that high video viewers were taking through the various sites. The information was presented in a heat map format that allowed quick visual cues as to the optimal features and user paths being engaged with by users that watched large quantities of videos.
By using the new tool that eSage Group created, marketers were now able to easily identify the most popular features that users were engaging with for each of the individual shows. They were also able to understand the most popular paths that high value users were taking through the various websites to engage with videos. This new information allowed the client to determine what site features were drawing in the most users and which were not. This information was used to reallocate marketing resources from low to high ROI features, thus increasing site engagement, video views and ultimately advertising revenue.
  • Detailed web site analytics, video view and advertising info datamart with detailed feature engagement data for 6 user steps (Omniture reporting only provides 4 steps of info)
  • Heat mapping business logic to mine usage data and find most popular site features and user journey paths
  • Easy to use web based reporting tool that allows users to filter by specific shows and features to determine levels of engagement and user pathing via a heat map
  • Ongoing production support of the various data feeds, datamart and reporting tool