eSage Group’s Seattle Marketing Analytics Group presents ShiSh Shridhar, Principal Program Manager, Business Development & Strategy, Azure Maps at Microsoft. Join us as ShiSh presents “5 Ways Location Intelligence Takes Marketing Analytics to New Levels”

Improving the use of location intelligence, or the process of gleaning insights from geospatial data relationships, has long been the holy grail for marketers looking to satisfy today’s busy, demanding customers. Understanding how consumers interact with competitive brands and their movements around key locations/timeframes can reveal key learnings and opportunities for expanding services and improving customer experiences, both online and off. The prevalence of smartphones, and the explosion of various location services, gives companies access to a new kind of data—dynamic location data. Since mobile devices constantly move around, they generate more data about customers’ whereabouts—the businesses they visit, how often they visit them, and even how long they stay there. This session will cover some of the use cases of Location Intelligence and how marketers are making use of geomarketing.

You can view ShiSh Shridhar’s LinkedIn here.


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