mlDoes your sales and marketing organization want to leverage the valuable insights derived from Machine Learning technology, but you currently don’t have the available technical resources on board to get started?  eSage Group can help you leverage your current analytics infrastructure and implement the latest Machine Learning tools to better understand your customers and optimize your sales and marketing initiatives.

Machine Learning can help improve:

  • Marketing and Sales Performance
  • Profitability
  • Customer Lifetime Value

eSage Group’s Solution

eSage Group has years of experience helping our clients with all aspects of data preparation, integration, transformation, data warehousing and the application of  machine learning models, so you can extract the specific insights you need to optimize your sales and marketing initiatives.

Specific areas where eSage Group can help get your Machine Learning infrastructure up and running include:

  • Data audits and mapping of sources from: Sales, Marketing, CRM, Web, Social, etc
  • Data cleansing, transformation and integration across all customer channels
  • Design and development of data warehouses/lakes and analytics cubes
  • Comparison of different machine learning models and technologies for a particular analysis or use case
  • Set up and configuration of Machine Learning & Predictive Models such as:
    • Classification/Clustering/Segmentation
    • Linear/Logistic Regression
    • Decision Trees/Random Forest/Gradient Boosted
    • Ensemble Data Mining
  • Training and tuning of Machine Learning model predictions, ongoing performance monitoring, error rates, variable correlation strength, monitoring feature co-inflation, etc
  • Make recommendations for improving existing model predictions

eSage Group has Data Architects, Business Intelligence Engineers and Technical Analysts with expertise in the latest Machine Learning technologies.  We can supplement existing internal teams, in areas where you need specific assistance, or we can help you get a modern analytics infrastructure up and running from scratch.  We provide the help needed, so you can stay focused on running your business, optimizing your sales and marketing initiatives and increasing revenue.

Areas where eSage Group Can Help

  • Coordinate across stakeholders and organizational business units to gather performance tracking requirements.
  • Perform data source audits, map KPI’s to source data and identify data gaps.
  • Design, build and automate data consumption/ETL’s from multiple sources of varying data types, including: Relational (SQL Server, Oracle), Unstructured and Flat Files (CSV, Excel).
  • Gather, cleanse, validate and process complex data from sales, marketing, social, financial and operational systems.
  • Design, develop and configure Machine Learning and data mining platforms such as:
    • Azure Machine Learning
    • Apache Spark
    • IBM SPSS
    • SQL Server Data Mining
  • Provide deep dive analysis, ad-hoc reporting, data governance and supplemental data source evaluations.
  • Create Executive Performance Management Dashboards and reports using visualization tools, such as Tableau or PowerBI.
  • Offer continual evaluation of analytics needs and integrate incremental enhancements as required to keep pace with ever evolving business and infrastructure priorities.

If you would like help building out a Machine Learning infrastructure and would like to hear more about the similar work we have done for other leading enterprise organizations like Microsoft, Disney and Sony Pictures; please contact us via email at