Gartner recently released the report “BPM Suites Evolve Into Intelligent BPM Suites.”  The report discusses the importance and potential value of integrating analytics into operational processes.

eSage asks the question “What if you could take it a step further and fully integrate your marketing analytics platform into your operational analytics platform?”

In an ideal world this type of bi-directional integration would allow you to more accurately predict demand on the fulfillment side of the house as a function of the intelligence provided by your predictive sales and marketing analytics platform.  Going the other direction the sales and marketing analytics platform would understand the actual capability of the fulfillment side of the house at a point in time….so the sales and marketing teams would understand how much product they should be trying to sell at any given time, thus not spending valuable time and money marketing and selling product that is not even available.  In other words perfect balance and harmony between marketing, sales and operations……ok, so maybe we are not quite here yet, but one can dream…..but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this level of intelligence and integration is a reality.

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