Join us on September 18th to hear Tom Souhlas, Director of Consumer Analytics at Zillow Group, discuss Personalization – how to do it and how not to do it!

Haven’t we always been personalizing? How do we make sure the machines are doing what we need them to do? Regardless of whether or not we called it ‘personalization,’ we’ve been personalizing our marketing and product efforts for years. Increasingly, as we move toward more granular forms of automated personalization, have we gone too far? Has our emphasis on precision impacted our accuracy and our future?

Let’s walk through a few examples of where targeting missed the target and how we’re trying to avoid this type of issue both in terms of consumer acquisition and engagement.

You can view Tom Souhlas’ LinkedIn profile here:

*Please note that this Meetup will be hosted at Zillow’s HQ*

General arrival information for Zillow HQ:
The Zillow HQ is located in the Russell Investment Center (1301 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98101). The building parking garage is located between 1st and 2nd Ave on Union St. across from Target. Please go to the 30th floor – there will be a sign in the lobby.



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