robWhat happens when you attend and volunteer at your local American Marketing Association Chapter here and there for just over a year? Well, not typically, but in our case you get asked to become the acting leader of your entire chapter. We’re happy to announce that our very own Southern California Business Developer, Rob Lawrence is now the acting President Elect for the Los Angles Chapter of the American Marketing Association. What does this mean? It means we at eSage Group are very proud of Rob’s fortuitous promotion and that we are one step closer to being the thought leaders in what is truly a community of cutting edge marketers in this new age of marketing.

The American Marketing Association – Los Angeles is a great community of people who are interested in maintaining awareness of what are the latest developments in the marketing industry. We are glad Rob will be an integral part of this association in the coming years and we look forward to the events he and the entire Board of Directors has planned for AMA-LA in 2013. As a matter of fact, Rob is not wasting any time. He’s already busy planning his first event as chapter President and it definitely fits with the new age of marketing theme. With Big Data, Multi Channel integration, Social Media and so many more developments in our industry, Rob hopes to lead AMA-LA into the future. Sometime in June (actually before he is officially President Elect) he is organizing an evening Panel Event: “Big Data and Integrated Marketing”. Although there is no firm date, it is expected to happen sometime in June 2013, so keep your eye on the AMA-LA Calendar and be sure to stop by and say hello to your fellow marketers, and Rob, at the event (