“All Your Data Working Together: Actionable Insights”
A 360 Degree Perspective of Datorama: from Client to Vendor to Consultant

Presenting: Jeff Bertman, Chief Data Engineer and Director of Data Engineering at Machinima Digital Networks, Jack Cochran, Southwest Regional Sales Engineer at Datorama, and Margot Purcell, Client Success Partner at eSage Group.

For our September event, we will take a deep dive into the world of actionable insights through the use of an amazing, and well-established platform called Datorama. We’ll uncover how this data analytics system has changed the way business insights are being won at Machinima Digital Networks.

We’ll gain the perspective directly from the main customer using Datorama: Jeff Bertman, Chief Data Engineer for Machinima Digital Networks. We’ll also hear from the Southwest Regional Sales Engineer from Datorama, Jack Cochran, to talk about all of the feature sets that Datorama has in store, plus the recent ramifications of Datorama being acquired by Salesforce, the leading CRM software solution in the world. And finally, we’ll hear from the perspective of a tool and platform agnostic, Margot Purcell, Client Success Partner and Datorama Professional Services consultant at eSage Group, a BI Infrastructure/Marketing Analytics Consultancy serving clients all over the U.S.

Join us on Thursday, September 13th for an evening of networking, great food and drinks provided by eSage Group, and a rousing discussion on the benefits and uses of Datorama in a myriad of applications including Tech, Media & Entertainment, Market Research, Advertising, Consumer Intelligence, Internet, and others. You do not want to miss this set of “mini-presentations” culminating with a Q&A session rivaled by no other!

You can view Jeff Bertman’s LinkedIn Profile here: http://bit.ly/2Osi8Ar
You can view Jack Cochran’s LinkedIn Profile here: http://bit.ly/2MrEPDr
You can view Margot Purcell’s LinkedIn Profile here: http://bit.ly/2AWqxdh

**Please note we have moved locations. Our events will now be at VideoAmp**

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