(Seattle, WA) eSage Group, a leading data analytics and marketing technology consultancy, today announced that it is excited to have joined the Braze Alloys program as an official solutions partner. With eSage Group’s broad marketing analytics expertise, we can help our clients implement and integrate Braze into today’s Enterprise Martech data stack, assuring a seamless customer experience. By joining Braze Alloys, eSage Group becomes part of a curated ecosystem of best-in-breed technology and solutions partners to help integrate, customize, and amplify customer engagement capabilities.

The Braze Alloys program showcases the fully integrable nature of the Braze customer engagement platform, creating a simple, scalable system for making it easier for eSage Group’s customers to use Braze in concert with an ever-wider range of technologies and solutions to support meaningful brand experiences.

The program makes it easier for eSage Group’s customers to leverage agencies, consultancies, and other partners in concert with Braze and its ecosystem of technology partners to provide users with highly personalized, highly effective brand experiences at scale.

eSage Group, known for its expertise in leveraging data insights for personalized marketing strategies, sees this partnership with Braze Alloys as an opportunity to further enhance its offerings to clients. By integrating Braze’s powerful customer engagement platform into its solutions, eSage Group aims to help its customers deliver more relevant and engaging experiences to their audiences, ultimately driving increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

According to Duane Bedard, President/CEO of eSage Group, “Joining the Braze Alloys program aligns perfectly with our mission to empower brands with actionable insights and innovative technology solutions. This partnership will enable us to deliver even greater value to our clients by leveraging Braze’s cutting-edge platform to create truly impactful customer experiences.”

About eSage Group

eSage Group is a premier boutique data analytics and marketing technology consultancy, specializing in helping businesses harness the power of data to drive marketing strategies and maximize ROI. eSage Group empowers brands to unlock actionable insights from their data and implement innovative solutions to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth.
eSage Group Differentiators:
  • 5-star Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • An amazing list of long-term, satisfied, Fortune 500 Clients
  • Strong technical depth in all major Cloud platforms and Mar-tech tools to provide an Enterprise level integrated solution
  • Fast Growing Managed Services Offering providing top-tier on-going support to our Clients
  • Experienced team of:
    • Data Engineers
    • Data Scientists
    • Project Managers
    • Data Visualization Experts
    • Artificial Intelligence Engineers

About Braze

Braze is the leading customer engagement platform that empowers brands to Be Absolutely Engaging.™ Braze strongly believes in the power of partners and ecosystems, and understands that in order to effectively connect with customers today, a fully integrable customer engagement platform is critical. The Braze Alloys Partner Program was launched in 2018 in an effort to help customers augment and deploy relevant, memorable experiences built on the Braze customer engagement platform. The program has since grown to include 200+ technology partners, enabling brands to carry out real-time customer experiences with a faster time-to-delivery, as well as 1,600+ solutions partners to help customers conceptualize creative campaigns and integrate the Braze platform.

To learn more about Braze Alloys, visit: https://www.braze.com/partners