Curious about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and how they differ from Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) and Digital Marketing Platforms (DMPs)? Come spend an hour with eSage Group’s own Principal Architect, J’son Cannelos, and we’ll discuss why CDPs are a growing presence in the digital marketing arena. Even better, you can ask all the burning questions you have in a forum that welcomes every level of understanding this new phenomenon in the marketing analytics space!

What we’ll cover:
1. What makes a CDP different from an EDW or DMP? Why do I need one? How is it useful to the marketer?

2. Will CDPs handle all Customer related analytics, such as Customer Segmentation and LTV, or will I need a data science team? Heck no! You’re not ready for a data science team. Or are you!

3. How do I load data into a CDP? Who owns the data once it’s there? How easy is it to extract insights?

4. What about Campaign Management and Automation? How will my CDP integrate with my existing MarTech stack? What about A/B Testing, Control Groups, et?

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