eSage Group’s Seattle Marketing Analytics Group presents Maureen Shannon, Sr. eCommerce Strategy Manager at Unilever

These days, big brands are focusing on growing their Direct-to-Consumer channels as the small DTC companies are slowly chipping away at their market share and the importance of owning your customer data grows. Join us as Maureen Shannon, Sr. eCommerce Strategy Manager at Unilever, shares how her team is successfully launching and growing DTC businesses at Unilever. During her talk, Maureen will discuss:

-Who are we, what we do & how we support Unilever
-What goes into a building a DTC business case
-What business metrics matter when operating a DTC business
-What vertical integration & partnership look like
-What technology is available for DTC websites @ Unilever
-What is lifecycle marketing & why is it critical for DTC businesses

You can Maureen’s LinkedIn profile here.




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