Seattle Scalability MeetUp

The group listening to the presentation. Thank you Microsoft for hosting us!

Post MeetUp Social sponsored by eSage. It was a pretty darn good turn out. About 35-40 people attended!

eSage is in its second month of being the host of the post-MeetUp “MeetUp” for the Seattle Scalability MeetUp.  It is a time where attendees can chat casually about all things Big Data and enjoy a beverage on eSage.

We are excited to be supporting the Hadoop community in Seattle in a fun way!

The Seattle Scalability MeetUp a group of folks who use/are interested in scalable computing technologies, mostly Hadoop, HBase, and NoSQL platforms.

They have had attendees and speakers from Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Visible Technologies, Drawn to Scale, U.S. National Labs, and many more!

Groups are usually 75-100 attendees.

Usually they have:

  • 1 or 2 ~20 minute “Feature” presentations
  • Up to 4 “lighting talks”
  • Friendly and helpful group discussion
  • And Pizza!!

Hortonworks provided the pizza!

They are going to start rotating the location between Seattle and the Eastside.

If you would like more information or have a suggestion on a topic, email Tina at tinam (at) esagegroup (dot) com and she will pass them along to the organizers.