With the proliferation of user interaction data available from digital sales and marketing channels, marketers now have more valuable knowledge than ever on their customers and how they interact across various marketing channels.  Sources such as ecommerce sites, online video players, digital advertising systems and social media platforms like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest all are generating volumes of data that hold meaningful insights into customers.   But in order to leverage this valuable stream of information in this fast moving internet world, marketers need the ability to quickly pose questions, get answers from it and take action.

More and more organizations are storing data collected from their various sales and marketing channels, often referred to as “Big Data” within Hadoop.  In order to extract marketing value from this Big Data, organizations need to quickly extract the information out of Hadoop and into a usable format – one that allows for simple but powerful analysis leading to a better understanding of their customers, improved marketing and user experiences and ultimately improved sales.  Unfortunately Hadoop is not known to be able to quickly extract value from this valuable data.  Hadoop is a great platform for cost effectively storing lots of data, but quickly getting the information that you want out of it is not nearly as easy as marketers would like.  Worse yet, with the current shortage of developers with the appropriate experience on Hadoop; many organizations are left without the talent to get this data into a usable format so they can start to realize the value.

The eSage Solution

eSage Group has recognized the frustration with not being able to quickly leverage the knowledge stored within Big Data to target marketing campaigns, enhance the user experience on ecommerce sites, react to customer interactions on social media channels, etc.  Our focus is to rapidly develop useful tools that allow marketers to get at and extract powerful value in a matter of weeks instead of months or years.

Our technical teams, including Technical Business Analysts, work to quickly extract the most valuable data out of  Hadoop  and get it into the hands of marketers who can leverage it.  Our goal is to work with the marketing organization to understand what metrics will provide the insight required, then bridge the gap with the technical teams to access the required data and quickly get it into a format that will provide the most value to the business.

Many times this means that we extract meaningful aggregations of the raw data from Hadoop into a SQL Server data mart and OLAP solution. This allows us to perform detailed trend analysis, prediction modeling, and reporting, with results usually surfaced through familiar tools like Microsoft Excel, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), and SharePoint. Our import and analysis processes are also automated and can run on a set schedule according to a client’s unique business needs.

Quickly Extract Value from Big Data
Quickly Extract Insights from Big Data

We are able to accomplish this through our unique in-depth understanding of the needs of marketers, our focus on high value rapid solutions that provide value in weeks instead of months or years and our substantial investment in building a Business Intelligence practice that not only has deep skills with the Hadoop platform, but also many years of experience with user friendly, yet powerful presentation tools from companies like Microsoft.

By focusing on the specific needs of the marketing team and using the right tool for the right job eSage is able to get extremely insightful Big Data analytics solutions built and deployed in incredibly short time frames.

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