eSage Group’s Marketing Analytics Group presents, Carlos Avello, Director of Paid Internet Marketing Analytics at eBay Inc, to discuss “Scientific Experimentation in Marketing to Gain Competitive Advantage.”

Join us as Carlos discusses various methodologies around experimentation in the opportunity mining space. With a goal of finding profitability where others cannot, eBay uses experimentation and testing to grow their competitive advantage, taking an exploratory approach rather than a finalist approach to testing. Because there is no failure in testing, only learnings can come from it. “Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda

During his talk Carlos will discuss:
• How experimentation is used to achieve eBay’s mission to reach, inspire, attract and convert existing and potential buyers (and sellers) profitably.
• Competitive Advantage via Testing in PIM and its Current Landscape
• Strategies to grow competitive advantage including an exploratory approach to testing and embracing variability.

You can view Carlos Avello’s LinkedIn profile here.



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