eSage Group’s L.A. Marketing Analytics Group Presents Greta Shafrazian, Director Digital Research with Warner Bros, speaking on The Big Picture: Digital Trends in Culture.

Please join us as Greta Shafrazian, Director of Digital Research at Warner Bros. & UCLA Instructor of Digital Analytics, gives a visceral and future-leaning presentation on some key macro level digital trends in culture.

The presentation will focus on:
o The Filter Bubble phenomenon: How social media & algorithms curate a view for us based on our values & likes, and filter out anything that is contradictory, in effect keeping us locked into our own personal echo chambers.
o Digital Detoxification: How culture “shifting” from a pro-tech addiction philosophy to now more push back and consumers desiring simplification.
o Augmented Reality: How A/R is becoming mainstream and how some brands are integrating AR for improved customer experiences, to drive sales, etc.
o Hyper Bespoke: How digitization is driving custom manufacturing, where consumers seek more control of the products they buy.
o Humanizing Artificial Intelligence: How consumers are desiring more ‘personal’ and humanized experiences with AI, and how some brands are creating these experiences.
o The Next Billion: A metaphor for the future of the internet—the exponential growth in connectivity that is coming from emerging markets, and how vastly different people in emerging markets are using technology.

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**Please note we have moved locations. Our events will now be at VideoAmp**


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