You want reliable, advanced marketing analytics. You know what the end game looks like, but how come it’s so #$%^& hard to get there and how does your team do it?? Well come find out!

eSage Group’s Los Angeles Marketing Analytics Group is excited to host presenters Jason Cannelos, Partner & Principal Architect and Mitch Main, Senior Data Science Consultant at eSage Group, a boutique Marketing Analytics consultancy that has been helping move our clients rapidly down their Analytics Journey since 1999.

Join us on November 14th at our NEW LOCATION in West LA for a real case study on delivering Marketing Analytics in the Ecommerce space.
Journey through the real life implementation and maturation of an efficient Analytics Infrastructure for Joybird, an online modern and mid-century modern style furniture seller purchased by La-Z-Boy in 2018. We take you from assessing analytics needs, data cleanup and transformation, formalizing the data experience, and on to Visualization and advanced analytics that help drive revenue and glean customer insights.

With a Philosophy of starting small, keeping it simple and focused, and delivering constant value along the way, Jason and Mitch will walk us through:

1. The Importance of Cleaning your (Data) Room.
2. What’s Needed in the Reporting Data store and what can be left out? The Importance of Priorities and Responsibilities (What’s Important and What’s not)
3. What about the ETL / Pipeline? The Importance of Habits and Workflows for ETLs.
4. How to formalize the Data Contract (how Customers use your Data) along Business Units and Use Cases. The Importance of Formalizing Relationships and Data Contracts for the Business.
5. What kind of analytics can be done with a mature Reporting Data Mart? A walk through of real advanced analytics including Product Recommender, Cohort Analysis and Multi-touch Attribution.

You can view Jason’s LinkedIn Profile here.
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eSage Group is a boutique Business Intelligence & Marketing Analytics consultancy and is the organizer and sponsor of the L.A. and Seattle Marketing Analytics Groups (
eSage Group’s services help you quickly and effectively connect your marketing data from social media, websites, digital advertising, customer relationship management and other enterprise systems, allowing you to move from isolated data to fully integrated, cross-channel predictive analytics. We enable clients to uncover hidden insights that give a more complete view of customers, leading to better customer engagement and optimization of marketing spend across channels.

Thank you to our venue sponsor, Neustar! Neustar is a leading provider of solutions for Enterprise Marketers (working with over 60% of the Fortune 100) to enable capabilities related to:
• Real-time Customer Intelligence (1st Party Identity Resolution, 3rd Party Insight, and Programmatic activation through our iDMP)
• Customer Experience (Call-Center / Website customization and granular audience activation in walled gardens, advanced TV, and the open web)
• Marketing Analytics (Customer Segmentation, Marketing Mix Models, Digital Attribution, TV Attribution)