eSage Group’s L.A. Marketing Analytics Group is excited to host Margaret Wilhelm, VP of Market Research and Lizette Nieto, Manager of Data Analytics from Fandango/NBCUniversal to present “Where Qual Meets Quant.”

Join us on Tuesday, October 1st in Santa Monica! Margaret and Lizette will discuss:

  • AB Testing & Analytics on website versus mobile checkout to drive creative and understand influence
  • Market Research to prove/disprove/support analytics, again driving creative and lift. Test, Experiment, Test!
  • Content that has a shelf-life
  • Analytics and Research for: newly rolled-out Rewards Program: Honing Messaging
  • Analytics and Research for: Video
  • Arming Marketers and the Product Teams to be more data-driven: “Have you tested this?”
  • Product review meetings: Teams are presenting to executives to showcase the testing that was done. They are hearing more ask from leadership to test more and share data results.

You can view Margaret’s LinkedIn profile here and Lizette’s LinkedIn profile here.

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