Your organization is collecting and combining all kinds of data. The next step is to extract business value from it. To achieve that, you must be effective at communicating to stakeholders insights from your data through visuals and narrative.

In his presentation, Punnoose Isaac, Executive Director of Analytics Development at, will share data storytelling best practices that will help you create engaging and compelling reports to inform stakeholders. Through more effective storytelling, you will be able to better present insights to inform marketing strategy, and in turn drive revenue.

Punnoose Isaac is currently running’s Analytics organization managing an extraordinarily smart group of 40+ people in the field of data science, advanced analytics, self-service analytics and website instrumentation. As a thought leader in the Big Data space, he has pursued his several roles and responsibilities with a passion for data analytics, business strategy, and engineering. He is an analytics spokesperson and an evangelist in the technology space. With the deep knowledge in data engineering, data instrumentation, data management, and decision support science, he has been providing insights on various business problems in the field of media, retail, automotive, operations, and banking since 2004. Currently he is riding a rediscovered passion for algorithms and is pursuing opportunities to apply machine intelligence, partnering with the cloud ML platforms focusing on data products around analytics, marketing, IoT and sales. His mission is to democratize machine learning while making intelligence less artificial.

You can find Punnosse’s full LinkedIn profile here:

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