Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a proven tool for optimizing customer-acquisition and -lifecycle growth. However, CLV is often deemed out of reach for many marketing teams because of the cost of outsourcing it and lack of internal expertise. Groupon took an iterative approach to CLV that did not have a high cost-to-enter yet proved its worth early in the process.

Pip Courbois, Director of Data Science – Customer Growth @ Groupon, will walk the audience through their iterative approach from initial segmentation models to statistical predictive modeling. Topics include:

1. Introduction to Groupon & our Customer-First Marketing
2. Groupon’s CLV approach contrasted to most out-of-the-box CLV solutions
3. Low cost to entry CLV for lifecycle growth and acquisition
4. Customer Lifetime Value Potential – the value of lifecycle growth events
5. Uses for CLV within Groupon Marketing

You can find Pip’s full LinkedIn profile here:

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